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Hey, I'm new. My name is Morgan and i live in Ny. Heres my story i guess....

I dated this guy Dave for a year. During our relationship he left for college about 2 and 1/2 hours away from my house. We had our ups and downs and eventually we broke up. I was just about over him and moved on when he calls during christmas vaca. Of course the stupid person I am, I accepted the call and decide to go to Denny's with him at 2 in the morning. We agreed to see eachother but not tell anyone about it. Things were going okay for awhile. Then I found out the other day that he was at this girl hailey's house. Hailey is dave's bestfriend julien's girlfriend and dave was there by himself. No one knew he was there, dave lied to both me and ju. I forgave him after many days of fighting. And then today we got into a fight and he finally admitted to doing things with hailey and having a girlfriend back at college. This was the worst feeling i have ever felt. So i figured i would find someone in here that could relate to me and my situation and could maybe give me some advice....
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