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Crazy Story.

Ok i have been dealing with this for a really long time and I figured that since none of my friends have gone thru this and they havent helped me i need to go to another sorce.

So...I was dating this kid brandon in the 8th grade. We dated on and off up to a year ago so we were like that for basically about 3 years. He cheated on me a couple times and everything But for some reason i still love him to death. So now he has a girlfriend, he chats on her all the time with me ever since they have started goin out and they will be goin out for a year on the 7th. In the beginning he would just call me over to have sex with me and then i would leave. I dont know what it was but as hard as i tried i couldnt say no to him. Then i started dating other people. Now brandons the type of person who freaks out very easily. And hes VERY protective. So when i started seeing other people he didnt like that. So we stoped talking for a while till about a month or so ago. Im really close to his mom and vise versa he is to mine so he would call my mom and i over everynight. We would just sit outside and my mom his mom Brandon and i would just sit and talk till 3-4 in the morning. at that time my boyfriend and i had just broken up, Brandon really didnt like that i had another boyfriend and The guy i was goin out with before knew about brandon and how long we were together and didnt like the fact of him and i talking. Well Brandon called Him one night and was telling him not to talk to me again. He would tell my mom that he enjoys being with us cause his true self comes out and he just has fun with me. He also says hes 17 and confused.

One night when we were over there him and i kinda got into it and i didnt want it to get farther so i just told my mom i wanted to leave and he threw a fit. He had called me later that night apolgizing and we talked about alot. he told me straight up that he didnt want me with anyone else and he would rather me go to school work and stay home. Mind you he still has a girlfriend. He dosent like me to go out at all and every night he calls me and im out and hell beg me to go to his house and such.

Now the fun part comes in. About two days ago He had called me. Begging me to come over, called my mom begging her to tell me to come over. So i did. i know exactly what he wanted. but this time it was weird. when he first started goin out with his girlfriend and would still have sex with me he would never kiss me cause he said that , it has more meainig to it. well when i was over there he kissed me. While we had sex he was saying how he really does love me and i should know that, It was so weird. he even had me call him to make sure i made it home alright. so this is where it gets good. the next day i was at the party store on the corner of his street getting my check cashed. AAnd guess who pulls up Yes brandon and his girlfriend. Now brandnon wouldnt get out of the car so she went in the store. I walked in there and she just started at me. She knows that he cheated on her with me before and she knows all about me cause his mom and i are very close and she dont like that. So i mean im not goin to be rude and if somone stares you should say hi so i did. I got my money and walked out and Brandon wouldnt even look at me. He usally calls me everynight and didnt. Usally comes over on saturday morning and didnt and didnt call tonight either. Now. Ive been goin thru all this for 2 years. I compare every guy that i see to him and i dont want to anymore. I want to know what to do. I hear so many diffrent things and i just want some help so please please give me advise.......
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